Why your website might be scaring clients

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If you’re reading this post, you might be one of those folks that look at your website and feel this way. There are many reasons why your website might be scaring your potential clients.

It’s a no brainer that having a killer website brings in clients, so you’ve gotten one but you’re still not getting any clients?



Ok. Let’s get something straight, your website is your businesses online home. It is the first impression many potential clients will have. So, you’ve got to make it worth it. Adding a pixelated photo of you and your dog back in 2005 is not going to cut it. I mean your dog might bring you extra points, but you need to stay on brand with your business. Have a professional headshot of yourself in a familiar setting with what you do whether you sell products or services. If you sell products you should consider hiring a brand photographer that can make your products speak for themselves. If you are serious about turning your website around and really attracting your ideal clients and having them stay on your website for more than 10 seconds you have to make sure everything is on brand and that it truly reflects what you and your business stands for.

If you’re in need of a killer brand photographer I would love to connect you with one, simply shoot me an email at hello@egmediaco.com


Alright so you have your website done because you know you need one (phew at least you know you need one😅). You decided to do some Google Searchin’ and found your competitors websites and decided to “borrow” copy so now you realize you’ve mashed up content from all of your competitors, so it represents nothing about you and your business? Can you relate?

This is a huge mistake many business owners do. Just because they realize that they need a website, so they scurry to the internet and create a spider web-iste (pun intended🤓). This is not the way to go. The copywriting on your website is THE most important content that you will have on there. This truly allows your users and potential clients to navigate seamlessly throughout your website. “Borrowing” copy from your competitors does more harm than good, you’re pretty much telling your potential clients what THEY do, not what you do.

Your copywriting needs to be clear, enticing and welcoming. Your clients should know who you are and what you do right off the bat, in fact that’s the first thing they should be able to see.

Creating killer copywriting that turns visitors into clients can be hard, it takes time. Not everyone is able to articulate what he or she does into words. In fact, I can relate, for a very long time it was hard for me to communicate (but that’s another story) so I practiced and practiced and now it really comes natural in real life and in writing. Now, I’m not telling you to spend a year trying to perfect your craft (but if you want to, then good for you) but most business owners don’t have the luxury of time, so I suggest you find a killer copywriter that can really understand your vision and put that into words. Do your research and invest in someone that you feel is a good fit for you.


This one can easily tie in with the one above but if your website screams a cricket’s nest it might be because your website visitors can’t find what you do. Do you offer products or services? It should be a piece of cake for your visitors to find that you’re a Social Media Manager or whatever you might be offering.

Are you a web designer or copywriter or maybe an architect? It should be easy for your potential clients to be able to send you an email about your services. It shouldn’t be a hassle or pain in the butt for your potential clients to try and find how they can contact you for your services. I can’t tell you how frustrating it can be when you are trying to inquire about someone’s services, but it seems like they’ve added everything but that!

So, be sure to make it easy and clear how someone can hire you.


Is your website far from being clean and organized? Your website needs to be easy to navigate. Do you think you’re the only one trying to get your potential client’s attention? No, there’s a million other things that are trying to get their attention so if your website screams clutter your potential clients will be closing your tab faster than they opened it.

Don’t have paragraphs explaining what you do, I’m sorry to break it to you but no one will read that. Instead, in a few short sentences have something that tells your potential clients what you can do for them.

Don’t have a million photos cluttering your home page. Stay organized by creating a main navigation by having the most important pages at the top. Don’t over clutter it only show the most important stuff on your main navigation that way your clients will easily be able to find you.  Instead of having all of your photos in your home page have a page dedicated to “Projects”, or “Services”, “About”, “Contact”, “Blog” etc.

Most importantly, have white space. Do you know what white space is? White space is unused space around the objects of your website. White space helps separate graphics, text, and other portions of your website and it helps it look less crowded. Next time you’re looking at your website ask yourself whether it has white space or not, if it lacks white space I would go in there and de-clutter it.

All in all, be cautious with what you add to your website as it is the first impression many potential clients will have of you. Give them a reason to stay. I hope this helped understand why your website might be scaring clients away instead of attracting them!