Why you need to shake off the “I’m a bad writer” thoughts and start blogging NOW!

Why you need to shake off the “I’m a bad writer” thoughts and start blogging NOW! by EG Media Co. | blogging, from blog to business, blog lifestyle, blogger, blogging tips, small business tips, blogging is life, blogger tips, writers block

So, you understand that blogging is absolutely crucial for your business, but you’ve been putting it off because you have convinced yourself that you are the worst writer on this entire planet. Yeah, my thoughts exactly except I’m talking about myself. First of all, I hated writing back in college, HATED it. I wasn’t good at it, it was time consuming and I simply sucked 😂. When I started my online business, I put off blogging for as long as I could. Except that no matter who I connected with or what I read was telling me otherwise. “You should have started blogging for your business since yesterday.”

I was hit with the whole writer’s block. Not only did I already think I was bad at writing I was having so much trouble even thinking about what to write. Did I give up though? Absolutely not. I was determined to make this work. Although I always held the notion that I was bad at writing I guess I never really gave myself the chance to actually write. I want to explain how I managed to brush off the “I’m a bad writer” and how I gained the confidence in writing.

1. Mindset

Your mind is absolutely powerful. If you allow negative thoughts to circle through your mind day after day you will be poisoning your attitude and your outlook on life. Our feelings are persistent constantly whispering to gain dominion over our actions.

I know one of the reasons why I held back from writing blogs at the beginning was because I was too insecure of what other people would think. The thought of them judging me really shot my confidence, I mean for god's sake I already thought I "sucked" so then what were they going to think of me?! I can tell you those thoughts linger in every writer's mind at some point (mostly in the beginning hopefully). I can confidently tell you now that I couldn't care less what people think of my writing skills!😂

So, don’t allow those negative thoughts, brush them off and just take action. Write your first blog, I can tell you right now it won’t be your best, but practice makes perfect. Yes, after writing for several weeks you will see an improvement in your writing.

Have a more positive mindset about writing blogs, see it as a way to grow your business, or as a traffic source for your website. You’ll see that after switching those negative thoughts into positive ones you won’t be feeling like a bad writer after all.

2. Accountability

Holding yourself accountable for writing blog posts is huge in making sure that you’re being consistent. When I first started I was writing here and there but I finally decided to create a schedule for writing blog posts. What I did is tell my audience that they should expect to see a new blog post every Tuesday and Thursday. That for me is accountability, my audience is holding me accountable by making sure that a blog post is up during those two days because that’s something I have promised them through my website. 

I would suggest adding it to your website, so you’re obligated to stick to that schedule or have a friend hold you accountable for writing blog posts.

3. Consistency

It takes 21 days to form a habit, did you know that? I know writing might seem like a drag at first but after writing consistently over a 21-day period you will see that it will come naturally. I find that writing blogs consistently has allowed me to brush off the idea that I’m a bad writer.

I know writer’s block might get in the way while attempting to blog consistently which can be hard. It might feel like you’ve ran out of ideas at times, I’ve written a blog post about how I come up with fresh new blog ideas.

Besides these three steps you should be taking in order to brush off the “I’m a bad writer” idea you should be writing blog posts because you know they will help your business. My blogs alone are what makes up more than hald of my website traffic thanks to Pinterest (but that’s another story.)

How I went from 1k views to 76k monthly views on Pinterest in two months!

I truly hope this helped get over the notion of “I’m a bad writer.” Change that mindset, hold yourself accountable and be consistent! Now go write!