Why word of mouth marketing is still at the top

Why word of mouth marketing is still at the top by EG Media Co. | word of mouth, marketing, social media tips, small business tips, my online business

Some say that the old way of advertising is dead; print, radio, TV, you name it. But there’s still one that stands true to its name and that has a charm to beat all the other forms of advertising, including the new ones. By the title of this post you would have already guessed it but yes, word of mouth marketing is still very much alive and thriving at that. Its ability to capture new clients without a cost is absolutely amazing. Of course there is downfalls to just relying on this type of marketing and that’s not the point but if you’re not using word of mouth to your advantage you might be missing out on a lot of business.

Why is word of mouth marketing so powerful?

Let’s think of a hypothetical situation. Say you designed someones website and they absolutely loved it. They go out with some friends and in turn they start talking about websites and how her friend is in need of one. Your client says “Oh my I have the perfect person for you!” They talk about how much they loved the website you created for them, what great customer service you have and so on. So that person contacts you and you get a new client! The power of word of mouth is insane, say that each person you designed a website for is satisfied they all have connections within their group who could possibly be new clients for you. It’s exceptionally effective too because those referrals are more than likely to be part of your target market. There are key factors to this working effectively, one as I mentioned the customer must be satisfied with your work and two you must have exceptional customer service. Otherwise why would they refer you?

What’s the best part of word of mouth marketing?

This is why word of mouth marketing is still around, because it’s free. Imagine how many referrals you can get from satisfied clients? It’s a no brainer and something that can be leveraged to your advantage. Who doesn’t like free?

How can you use it to your advantage?

Word of mouth can be used in many different ways. By incorporating modern day advertising aka social media, you can leverage your satisfied clients and get more referrals through word of mouth. One of those ways is by adding reviews to your Facebook page, your website, and having your friends share your information through their social networks. Social media has the power to spread the word in a matter of minutes and the potential to reach a wider audience. Integrating these marketing methods can greatly impact the amount of people that you reach at minimal to no cost!

So what are you waiting for? Every time you finish with a satisfied client give them some of your business cards and tell them how great it was to work for them and that if they have anyone that would be interested in your services to send them over your way. It’s a very polite gesture because it not pushy sales tactics and it makes sense for your business! I hope this helped you understand the power of word of mouth marketing and how you can be using it to your advantage.