Why Instagram is the best social platform to find your ideal clients

Why Instagram is the best social platform to find your ideal clients by EG Media Co | social media tips, instagram tips, the gram gang, social platform, social media, goal getter, goal digger, digital nomad, small business tips, creative entrepreneur, entrepreneur tips

There’s a lot of debate with what social platform is the best one to find your ideal clients and to be honest it’s all a personal preference because every social platform is similar in a sense… with some differences.

In my opinion, Instagram is the best platform to find your ideal clients. I’m not only talking as a web designer standpoint. I’m talking about in general, for anyone that owns a business.

People love Instagram what we don’t love is the pesky algorithm that ruins everyone’s engagement and visibility. There is a way around it, but you have to put in the time and work. Since Mr. Zuckerberg decided to make it a tad bit harder to reach your audience you have to make sure you’re doing everything possible to get to your ideal clients.

What can you do to find your ideal clients on Instagram?


Oh, those hashtags can certainly do wonders! I know this is true because many of my clients have found me by using hashtags. Hashtags show up by ‘top posts’ and ‘recent posts’ so you have a pretty good chance of showing up when someone searches a hashtag.

Don’t overdo it though, be sure you’re choosing hashtags that your potential audience could be searching for. Instagram allows you to post no more than 30 hashtags so choose them wisely! It’s a good rule of thumb to switch up your hashtags and not post the same ones over and over again because your account might get flagged as spam. What I typically do is write down different hashtag combinations and keep them in my Notes app on my phone. That way when I’m scheduling out my social media I’ll choose a batch and modify it here and there depending on the post.


My Instagram mantra (yes, I have one) is “Don’t post just to post” If you’re going to post make it worth it! Write something of value or show an interesting photo of something. If you have nothing to say I would refrain from posting. You ultimately want to make sure your audience is gaining valuable information from your post or at least being engaged from your photo.

What I like to do is batch my Instagram content a week in advance to make sure that I’m not wasting too much time trying to think of a caption on the spot that my audience will most likely not find useful.


This is an important one! Are you inviting your audience to comment on your posts? Asking a question at the beginning of your post will entice your audience to like and comment on your post.  


You want your audience to engage with you, right? Well, you must make sure you’re taking time to engage back! It’s a two-way street and if you want people to engage with your posts you must be doing it as well. Make time to engage with your followers and people in your industry as well as this will make you an authority in your industry. Also, don’t forget to reply back to comments!

Engaging with your followers is also a great way to build relationships. You don’t want to hard sell to your ideal clients so by commenting and constantly engaging will help you build genuine connections which might even turn into paying clients!  


I’ll admit, I’m still lacking with this one but I’m working on it. #BrandPhotography here I come. Did you know that people are more likely to hit that double tab if they see your face popping up more? People connect with PEOPLE, so yes it’s important to be showing your face on the ‘gram instead of a random photo.


As a general rule of thumb, I would recommend posting at least once a day. You don’t want to spam your followers and you don’t want to give the Instagram algorithm a reason to stop showing all of your posts. I like to post Monday-Friday giving my followers a break on the weekends.

I hope these tips help you gain more exposure and engagement. Instagram is a great place to find your ideal clients, but you must make time to nurture those relationships!