Why I only take on one web design project at a time

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To me building a website is like creating a home. If you’re renovating your home, you obviously do your research on which contractor to hire correct? Would you hire someone that is juggling to keep up with three projects or a contractor that is only going to focus on yours?

When thinking about hiring a web designer you should think about the same questions. Your website is going to be your businesses home and a place where people will be able to see what you do and what you can do for them. You want to make a good impression, right?  

Bringing my client’s visions to life is what I strive for and I can only accomplish that if I take one client at a time. I have a few reasons why I only take on one web design project at a time.


Designing a website requires my full undivided attention. There’s a lot of preparation that goes before designing a website. Once those two weeks roll around I want to make sure everything is in place in order for me to fully focus on designing my client’s website.

Most of the time when I start a new web design project it’ll be a blank canvas. Meaning the client has compiled some website inspiration that they liked but that’s about it. It’s really up to me to play around with styling and customizing to create the style and feel they’re going for. 



Having my two-week web launch in place really helps my clients and I be on the same page. They understand that I am focusing on building their website for a full two weeks, so the communication between us is clear.

This allows both of us to plan accordingly and prevent from projects dragging on. I allow my clients to choose a design date that gives them enough time to prepare all the collateral that is needed to design their website so once I start designing only edits and revisions are allowed.  


Only focusing on one client at a time not only keeps me organized but sane. Organization is key when taking on web design clients, there is so much that you have to keep track of in regard to putting a website together that focusing on one client at a time allows me to keep all files organized.

When I start a new web design project I organize all of that client’s files in a folder that sits on my desktop. Sometimes I’ll create graphics using Adobe Creative Suite and I’ll save everything on my desktop that way when I’m done I know where I need to place everything.


There you have it, some key reasons why I only take one client at a time and why you as the client should find a designer that will only focus on your project.

I want to make sure my clients know that I am solely focusing on bringing their vision to life. The two weeks allow me to have clear communication with my clients to make sure that I’m creating the website they envisioned. I want all of my clients to be satisfied with the end result.

 I’m not saying I’m perfect and I knew right off the bat that taking on one web design project at a time was the correct way to work because that’s not true. In the past I have tried to take on more than one client at a time and let me tell you that that did not go well. LESSON LEARNED. First of all, I felt like I wasn’t giving each client enough attention and I didn’t want to deliver mediocre work. I strive to truly bring my clients’ visions to life and by only focusing on one project at a time it allows me to fulfill that.