Why having a website is so important

Why having a website is so important by EG Media co | website, website design, small business tips, web design tips, squarespace, squarespace tips.

It seems like an obvious question to answer but some people still don't believe in websites. WHAT? You're probably asking yourself if you read that right. Or you might have a website but it is less than what you envisioned it to be and it is not aligning with your brand and what you stand for but you don't have time for it because well... you're too busy running your business.

Running your own business is no easy task but that doesn't mean you should shrug off having a stellar website! In today's world most people will Google you before contacting you to find more information. Your website must be speaking to your clients and it must reflect what your brand is. Think of it like this, your website is the first impression a potential client is going to get from you, so you need to make sure everything is aligned with what you stand for. 

Another reason why a website is important is because in today's world there is more and more people gravitating towards online shopping than ever before! If they aren't shopping online they're at least looking to see if they're going to find something they like before physically driving there or contacting you for your services or products. People don't window shop anymore unless you're admiring the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, TRUST ME. Even Black Friday is becoming a thing of the past, who wants to feel like they're being buried alive amongst a sea of people when you can do the same shopping in your pajamas sitting on your couch at home?! I see a clear winner on this one.

So don't fret! I know building a website can be scary and intimidating but I'm here to help you as your website building bestie! I want to help you build a site that your clients will love! I want your clients to feel an experience when they click on your website to make you stand out from your competitors. 

SO, what are you waiting for?! Let's Start!