Why email marketing is so important

Why email marketing is so important by EG Media Co | email marketing, email marketing tips, small business tips, constant contact, convert kit, mailchimp, newsletter, email subscribers

I know many of us put email marketing on the back burner because “it’s complicated”, or we simply don’t understand the intricacy that is involved with having email marketing for your business. But every business owner and aspiring entrepreneur needs to have email marketing as part of their marketing strategy. People don’t ever just stop checking their email, it’s just not the case. In most cases it’s the first thing that people check in the morning. I want to explain a few reasons why email marketing is extremely important.

1. It’s Personal

If someone subscribed to your list that means that they gave you permission to email them. They’re interested in what you have to offer, and you need to leverage that to be able to sell them accordingly. You have the power to send your subscribers something personal by segmenting your audience and sending each list an email that they will find valuable. Use it to your advantage! Cater to your subscribers and learn what they like and what they don’t like. Another key point is that with email marketing, you’re able to address your subscribers by their first name. There isn’t any other marketing tool that allows you to do that.

2. It’s Cheap

Email marketing is simply easy, inexpensive and effective and I’ll tell you why. If you’re just beginning to build your email list, you have the option to use several email marketing platforms that are free. One of those is MailChimp, for your first 2,000 subscribers you’re able to use this platform for absolutely free! Now, I know you might have heard the downside of using MailChimp but if you’re just starting out I would suggest this platform because it’s fairly easy to use. Once you have built a pretty substantial email list you can do the switch to ConvertKit or the like.

3. Reach People Easily

This is huge with email marketing. Being able to reach your subscribers at any place in any given moment is incredible. Most people check their emails with their mobile devices and that gives you an advantage to reaching your subscribers no matter where they are. You also have their undivided attention without having any other distractions. At this day in age, getting people to pay attention to one thing is extremely difficult. The fact that you made it to their inbox gives you the advantage of having their full attention, but you have to be smart with the kind of emails you’re sending them.

4. Increase Sales

If you have email marketing set up and you’re offering content that people are interested in means that you can leverage those subscribers and potentially turn them into customers. Use email marketing to your advantage but don’t overdo it, be strategic with the emails you send to them. Keep in mind that your subscribers have the power to unsubscribe at any given moment, so don’t be blowing up their email.

5. Easy to Track

Whichever platform you decide to use will allow you to see who opened your emails and who read your emails. You’re also able to track clicks on links and who has unsubscribed. It’s easy to see how an individual email campaign performed which allows you to strategize for future campaigns. Another benefit from having email marketing is being able to do A/B testing which allow you to test campaigns and see what worked and what didn’t. With A/B testing you’re able to see which day of the week lead to higher open rates and what subject lines are most effective.

As you can see there are many benefits that come from having email marketing. Don’t wait to get started with email marketing. The sooner you start the faster you will be able to leverage your audience to turn them into customers. Be strategic with the emails you send to your subscribers, send them something they will find valuable.