Bet on yourself!


Rewind to two years ago, May 2016. I was just graduating college and the pressure was on to find a big girl job. Well, I found one! (YAY!!) Everything everyone wishes for right after college, am I right?! It was for sure a sense of relief when I landed this job right after college. As days turned into months I couldn't see myself working a regular 9-5 job forever. Was this it? I had gone to college, got pretty good grades, got my diploma and This. Was. It?!? I found myself feeling unfulfilled and in a sense, trapped. I questioned quitting time and time again because of the job security, steady income, benefits, 401K etc. and of course the people I had met along the way.

Fast forward a year and a half later I made a choice for myself. I BET on myself. I told myself I would find what I'm really passionate about and pursue it. Something that made me happy and brought happiness to others as well. I was introduced to a group of girls Bucketlist Bombshells and that’s exactly where my journey began. Working while traveling the world?! Say that again??? Of course I had heard of it but was it possible? For myself?? I bet on myself and decided that it was time to invest on MYSELF and open the doors to what I was capable of.

For a month or two I stayed on the sidelines watching, while people took the leap of faith and decided that they were going to take action on their dreams. I finally mustered up the courage to gain as much knowledge as I could before building my website. I took online courses to expand my design and tech skills and once I finished I bought my website through Squarespace. I was finally doing what I wanted to do. I actually enjoyed creating my brand and designing my website. To think that I could help someone out that is having trouble bringing their ideas come to life brings purpose to what I do every day.

All in all, if you’re not happy with where you are in life do something about it. It is definitely possible, have the right mindset, surround yourself with positive people and take life by the horns. Cheers to 2018 and this new life!