The benefits of using Bitly for your business

The benefits of using Bitly for your business by EG Media Co | Business tips, bitly, analytics, website traffic

I was introduced to Bitly not too long ago and I didn't realize what I was missing out on. As a business owner its important to know where your audience is coming from so it's crucial to have analytics that will help you decide what platforms are best for your business and content. For those of you who don't know what Bitly is; it's basically a link shortener. You paste a URL into Bitly and it will automatically create a unique shortlink. I want to share why having a Bitly account for your business is beneficial. Let's get started!

1. Tracking Clicks

When you create a unique shortlink through Bitly it will save it onto your Dashboard and from there you will be able to see real-time click throughs. Did you use the link on Facebook and Instagram? No problem! Bitly allows you to track the click through coming from each individual platform, allowing you to see where it's performing better. Ah-Ha! This is extremely beneficial because you can see where you're audience is engaging with your content more.

2. Specific Data On Each Link

Need to find out where your audience is coming from? Bitly allows you to see the location your audience is from. Are you trying to figure out how one certain shortlink is performing? Not an issue at all, Bitly allows you to click on a specific link to see the data associated with it. 

3. Keeps Your Social Media Looking Clean

I don't know about you but I'm huge on aesthetic and how your overall look speaks to your clients. I tend to give freebies, tips + tricks, updates to my followers through social media and always mention "click the link in my bio!" I personally don't want my followers to see For one, it's TOO LONG! Second, it get's cut off at a certain point. Third, it looks PLAIN UGLY! I would rather use a shortlink through Bitly to be able to keep a clean aesthetic. 

4. Customizable Shortlinks

Still don't like what Bitly created with your URL? No worries! You're able to customize your shortlinks right then and there! I created one for my own business Customizing your links can be beneficial because it grabs peoples attention.

So there you go! I hope this was helpful!