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Easily create stunning graphics even if you’re a beginner

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t have an eye for design, there are other ways you could create graphics for your website, social media, blog etc., if you’re absolutely *clueless*. Nope, you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or any other software, because we all know how daunting it can be especially if you have no previous experience of creating any sort of graphics.

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Content you should have on your Home Page

If you have a website, your home page is probably the most visited page therefore making it one of the most important. You want to make sure you’re giving your web visitors the right amount of information, so they know what you do, who you are, what you offer and so on. Your home page should be an easy hub for the rest of the pages on your website.

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Why I only take on one web design project at a time


Designing a website requires my full undivided attention. There’s a lot of preparation that goes before designing a website. Once those two weeks roll around I want to make sure everything is in place in order for me to fully focus on designing my client’s website.

Most of the time when I start a new web design project it’ll be a blank canvas. Meaning the client has compiled some website inspiration that they liked but that’s about it. It’s really up to me to play around with styling and customizing to create the style and feel they’re going for. 

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How I use Asana to onboard new web design clients

There’s nothing more important to me than having a schedule that both my clients and I can follow. It keeps both of us organized and on the same page, that way there’s no miscommunication. If you’re an aspiring web designer having a CRM system in place can save you a lot of headaches, that way you and your clients will both have the same expectations on deadlines.

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Web Design Launch for Coastal Coyote Creative.


The design inspiration behind Coastal Coyote was done with simplicity in mind. The owners Katie and Bailey were looking for a classic website that expressed bohemian, sophistication as well as desert and sea vibes. Their vision was clear and concise which made the design inspiration that much smoother. 

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The software I use for my brand and web design business

The software I use for my brand and web design businessYou all know I like to share my business secrets with all of you. For the design side of my business I use a certain software in order to create logos, images, blog post graphics, e-books, pdfs and so on. So what is the software you ask? I use Adobe Creative Suite and use three apps for my business.

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What helped me overcome the Imposter Syndrome

Ok I want to talk about something that many of us have gone through or are going through! It’s not easy to just turn a switch and forget about what the world is going to think of you when you decide that you’re going to quit your well-paying corporate job and start your own business in something you had no previous experience in, I felt like a fraud! It might take time to overcome that feeling but I promise you’ll get there and you’re going to be feeling sooo FREE when you do.

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Should you hire a web designer?

If you’re a business owner or creative entrepreneur who is looking to get their website designed, you probably know that creating your own website can go from dreamy to it being a total nightmare. You might be going the DIY route because you want to save money or because you have some knowledge of what it takes to design a website. I want to give the rest of you that really don’t have an idea of whether you should be hiring a web designer reasons why it’s imperative to get one.

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Why having a website is so important

It seems like an obvious question to answer but some people still don't believe in websites. WHAT? You're probably asking yourself if you read that right. Or you might have a website but it is less than what you envisioned it to be and it is not aligning with your brand and what you stand for but you don't have time for it because well... you're too busy running your business.

Running your own business is no easy task but that doesn't mean you should shrug off having a stellar website! In today's world most people will Google you before contacting you to find more

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