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10 clever ways to use the Announcement Bar on Squarespace

The announcement bar is one of those extra perks you get for being a Squarespace user. It’s something many people forget to use because the feature is not obvious to the user. It’s actually under the Marketing tab > Announcement Bar. Regardless, the Announcement Bar can be used for many different things to attract your visitor’s attention. It’s placement at the top of your website has been proven to work time and time again for getting people to click on it. Be sure to write something enticing!

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How to add a footer navigation on your Squarespace website without changing your template

You know sometimes you need to add some more information to your website that you wouldn’t want to add to your main navigation. Are you one of the unlucky one’s to have this problem? Have you realized that the template you’re using doesn’t support a footer navigation only after you’ve already designed your whole website? If you’re in the same boat as me (Five Template user over here) then I have a solution for you! 

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Subscription-based model is now available on Squarespace

Say, are you in the beauty or health industry and you want to offer products that are sold on a recurring basis? This is now possible on Squarespace!

This is a huge improvement from Squarespace as I’ve had clients in the past who have wanted to create subscriptions and now, they can!

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3 useful ways to use the spacer block for your Squarespace website

There’s a ton of blocks that are available to use for your Squarespace website but one of them seems to be underutilized. Many times, I’ll get clients asking me questions of how to get a block to be a certain way and it’s a quick and simple fix. I want to show you three different ways that you can utilize the spacer block for your Squarespace website.

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