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The hardest part of starting an online business

There is a lot of different hardships that come with starting an online business but in my opinion, one of them out rules the others.

I believe that the hardest part in starting an online business is the confidence level that you have of yourself. We are our own’s worst critic and even our own thoughts may get in the way from achieving our goals and dreams.

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PSA: Why you NEED be asking for a deposit

As an online business owner, you become extremely vulnerable to online scams and one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is creating client contracts. Aside from having client contracts, asking for a deposit from your clients is the next most important thing you should be doing as a freelance web designer.

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What no one tells you about having your own online business

I’ve officially been in business for almost two months and although I’m grateful for the position I’m in to be able to create my own schedule there is some things I have learned in the process. Running your own business is extremely hard and you must have discipline if you want to see success. Of course, there has been many benefits from starting my own online business, but there’s also some things I wish I knew beforehand to better prepare but then again, it’s all part of the process.

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