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Five Template: How to add a background color to your text on a single header

There comes a time when you’re in need of further customizing your template far from the design options Squarespace offers you. Well thank god for CSS because there’s code for that 😉. Whatever it is you’re struggling with or scratching your head about, wondering if that’s even possible, the answer to most questions will be yes, it is!

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How to customize your Squarespace website using the Five template

When it came down to choosing a template for my website I decided to go with the Five template. Why, you ask? It’s simple, the Five template is one of the most customizable that Squarespace offers. If you’re looking for serious customization for your website, you might want to go with the Five template. I want to dive into the versatility of the Five template and why I decided to go with it.

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