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Why setting clear expectations is crucial for good client relationships

As a new business owner, you will be very tempted to try to please everyone by being extremely accommodating and flexible. Although this shows exceptional customer service this can easily be a recipe for disaster. I’m not perfect, I’ve made a lot of mistakes that came from not setting clear expectations and boundaries with my clients. I’ve definitely learned from all of these experiences and will keep on learning as my business grows.

That’s why you should be setting clear expectations since the very beginning and stick to them.

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The hardest part of starting an online business

There is a lot of different hardships that come with starting an online business but in my opinion, one of them out rules the others.

I believe that the hardest part in starting an online business is the confidence level that you have of yourself. We are our own’s worst critic and even our own thoughts may get in the way from achieving our goals and dreams.

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Why branding is so important

Many of you have been there. We think that rushing through the branding process is no big deal. So you brush it off to the side and focus on what's really important. Right?

So you start doing what's "really important" and realize that your brand isn't resonating with your target audience. Or you realize the horrible colors you decided to go with are making your brand look bland and inconsistent.

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Bet on yourself!

For a month or two I stayed on the sidelines watching, while people took the leap of faith and decided that they were going to take action on their dreams. I finally mustered up the courage to gain as much knowledge as I could before building my website. I took online courses to expand my design and tech skills and once I finished I bought my website through Squarespace.

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