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Why I only take on one web design project at a time


Designing a website requires my full undivided attention. There’s a lot of preparation that goes before designing a website. Once those two weeks roll around I want to make sure everything is in place in order for me to fully focus on designing my client’s website.

Most of the time when I start a new web design project it’ll be a blank canvas. Meaning the client has compiled some website inspiration that they liked but that’s about it. It’s really up to me to play around with styling and customizing to create the style and feel they’re going for. 

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Why your website might be scaring clients

Ok. Let’s get something straight, your website is your businesses online home. It is the first impression many potential clients will have. So, you’ve got to make it worth it. Adding a pixelated photo of you and your dog back in 2005 is not going to cut it. I mean your dog might bring you extra points, but you need to stay on brand with your business. Have a professional headshot of yourself in a familiar setting with what you do whether you sell products or services.

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Different ways you can start building your portfolio as a Brand + Web Designer

We’ve all been there, struggling to get clients because you don’t have any work to show them but HOW are you supposed to show them past work if you haven’t had any clients?! 🤔 It’s one of those very frustrating things that many brand and web designers have gone through, but you have to start somewhere right? It’s happened to me before and it sucks, I want to share with you how you can avoid losing a client because you didn’t have any work to show them. I’ll be sharing some tips on how you can start expanding your portfolio now in order to gain experience and start landing clients quicker!

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5 reasons why it's time for a new website

Is your website screaming for a do-over? You might be too busy to take care of it yourself, but it doesn’t mean you should just neglect the fact that your website is a total flop compared to your business. It’s important to have a cohesive overall brand and having a well-designed website is part of showing your clients what you have to offer them. I want to share with you five reasons why it’s time for a new redesigned website.

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