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How to get the most out of your blog posts

Blogging is such a powerful tool to get eyes on your website because ultimately, you’re offering free valuable content and who wouldn’t want that?

BUT…if you blog, you also know that blogging is hard and for those who do it, know very well that it is also VERY time consuming. Why put all that effort into blogging only to notice that it’s no longer relevant after one day?

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How to add “related posts” at the bottom of your blog on Squarespace

I’m an avid blogger (blogging twice a week to be exact) and when people land on my website through my blog I want to make sure that they are staying there for as long as possible. One of those ways to make sure that your audience is reading your blog posts is to entice them with “related posts” at the end of the blog.

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Why you need to shake off the “I’m a bad writer” thoughts and start blogging NOW!

So, you understand that blogging is absolutely crucial for your business, but you’ve been putting it off because you have convinced yourself that you are the worst writer on this entire planet. Yeah, my thoughts exactly except I’m talking about myself. First of all, I hated writing back in college, HATED it. I wasn’t good at it, it was time consuming and I simply sucked 😂. When I started my online business, I put off blogging for as long as I could. Except that no matter who I connected with or what I read was telling me otherwise. “You should have started blogging for your business since yesterday.”

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