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How to make Instagram full width for Brine Template on Squarespace

As I’m currently updating my website I decided to change my template to Brine template on Squarespace. I’m doing a whole brand refresh and I made several sketches of how I wanted my website to look.

I loved the idea of having my Instagram feed be full width. I tried to look for it online and I didn’t have any luck. There’s some CSS code out there that might work for certain templates but might not work for others. I was able to figure it out myself on how to add it to the Brine Template. I also want to note that I tried it in other templates in the Brine Family and it seems to be working fine.

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5 cool things you can do on Squarespace

If ya haven’t noticed yet, I design Squarespace websites! Yup, I spend most of my time on the backend of people’s websites and I love it. 🤓 Which is why I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of Squarespace and what it’s capable of and I’m here to share some cool things you can do on Squarespace. Roll out the red carpet...are you ready?!

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