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3 key things you should do before searching for a web designer

I always tell people that 50% of my job as a web designer is to educate the client about what it takes to bring their vision into a fully functional website. There’s a lot that goes into designing a website and educating the client as much as possible before diving into designing their website is absolutely crucial.

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What content is needed to create a high-converting Squarespace website?

We all know that creating your own website is no easy task. There is a lot that goes into it from the right photos, the copywrite, and making sure your website is overall cohesive.

For those that are attempting at creating your own website through Squarespace, this is for you! I want to start from the beginning and explain the exact content that is needed for a high-converting website.

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Different ways you can start building your portfolio as a Brand + Web Designer

We’ve all been there, struggling to get clients because you don’t have any work to show them but HOW are you supposed to show them past work if you haven’t had any clients?! 🤔 It’s one of those very frustrating things that many brand and web designers have gone through, but you have to start somewhere right? It’s happened to me before and it sucks, I want to share with you how you can avoid losing a client because you didn’t have any work to show them. I’ll be sharing some tips on how you can start expanding your portfolio now in order to gain experience and start landing clients quicker!

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Should you hire a web designer?

If you’re a business owner or creative entrepreneur who is looking to get their website designed, you probably know that creating your own website can go from dreamy to it being a total nightmare. You might be going the DIY route because you want to save money or because you have some knowledge of what it takes to design a website. I want to give the rest of you that really don’t have an idea of whether you should be hiring a web designer reasons why it’s imperative to get one.

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