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Important: Why you should keep your old domain

I recently changed my business name from EG Media Co. to Launch With Erika. Why? Well that’s a whole other story and that’s not what you’re here for. I’ll save that for another post 😉.

Any who although I did change my business name, I’m still keeping my old domain for probably forever and you should too (well depending on how old your business is).

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How changing your page URL links can affect your SEO & web traffic

Let me just begin by telling you that I learned the hard way and I want to write this informational blog post, so you won’t have to. It all started with an innocent URL change on the busiest pages of my website, my Blog. It was something that I didn’t think twice to do so I did it and it was the biggest mistake ever!

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Do this and watch your website load faster

Is your website optimized to its full capacity in order for it to load fast for your visitors? Your website visitors won’t be waiting for your site to load, in fact most visitors expect your site to load in two seconds or less. Slow speeds kill conversions. Making sure that your website is up to its top speed can also help your SEO. The internet robots love a fast loading website, see let me explain. When someone searches for something on Google, Google does what it does best and crawls all the websites on the internet to search for the most relevant content for you. If your site is slow you’re most likely to stay behind and not be shown at the top. I want to share two tips with you all that will help your website load faster which will make your website visitors and the internet robots happy, it’s a win-win!

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Free SEO Checklist for Squarespace Users

So you’re almost ready for your big website launch but you still haven’t fully integrated your site to be SEO friendly. Or you’ve had your website for a while now but still haven’t had the time to check and see if you’re doing everything possible to optimize your site. No worries! I’ve curated an in-depth checklist to get your Squarespace site SEO ready.

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Optimizing your Squarespace site to be SEO friendly with FREE in-depth checklist

As you’ve probably read the title of this post, we’re going to be talking about SEO. Some people love it, some people hate it, but it’s one of those things that we all must know about if you want your business to show up on search engines. The great thing about using Squarespace as your web hosting platform is that they make it 10 times easier for your site to be fully optimized. Squarespace has you covered there’s no need to search through the sea of plugins or contact that web developer that always seems to be on vacation.

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