“Squarespace SEO sucks”...Debunked!

“Squarespace SEO sucks”...Debunked! by EG Media Co | SEO checklist, squarespace, squarespace tips, Search Engine Optimization, Optimize your website, web design, squarespace designer, squarespace web designer

I think by now I’ve heard everything on the book about how Squarespace does nothing for you when it comes to SEO. First off where do people get these myths from?? It seems like people just hear it through the grapevine and just assume things without doing the proper research. Not so long ago, I was supposed to work on someone’s website and they changed their mind to switch over to WordPress because it “gives them freedom to help with SEO.” First of all what does that even mean??? Secondly, where did you hear that SEO for Squarespace users is non existent? Well, I brushed it off and although I presented a very important counterargument they still decided to go with WordPress. I have absolutely no problem with whatever you see fit for your business but to make false accusations as such without proper knowledge of the platform is absurd.

First of all if you know how SEO works, you know that doesn’t happen overnight. SEO takes time and you need to know the right things to do in order to see results. With that said Squarespace doesn’t dictate what rank you will show up on Google, guess who decides that? You guessed it, GOOGLE does. With that said what Squarespace does do is make it easy for you to do the SEO basics which is adding a Search Engine description, page title formats and making sure that your site is loading fast enough for its users. All of Squarespace's templates were created with mobile users in mind. Squarespace makes it easy for you to switch on to Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP for short with a click of a switch. If you’re not familiar with Accelerated Mobile Pages it simply means that your pages will be optimized to be viewed quicker when viewing through mobile devices.

That’s the easy part the hard part is making sure YOU are doing everything to be seen by Search Engines. SEO is not a one check off your list, it’s more like a series of steps you need to take in order for it to work seamlessly.

Some of the things that will allow you to rank higher on Google is creating useful content. If your website is about cooking you should be writing about things related to your niche. I’m a Squarespace Web Designer so most of the blogs I write about are going to be tips and tricks about web design, Squarespace tips, social media tips, entrepreneurship life and so on. If Google feels that your content is relevant to searchers your ranking will in fact, go up.

Another helpful tip that will help optimize your site which in turn will help your SEO is making sure you are naming all of your images from your website and making sure that they are not larger than 500KB. Naming your images helps Search Engines identify the photos on your website. Search Engines cannot see but they can read, so make sure that you are naming your images accordingly. The reason why they have to be no more than or about 500KB is to optimize your site for speed. This is something else Search Engines love, make sure your website isn’t slow or you’ll be left behind!

With that said, I hope this helped debunk any myths about Squarespace SEO “sucking.” I’ve also created a very in depth SEO checklist for those of you that are interested in learning the more detailed steps you should be taking to make sure you are optimizing your website for SEO.  If you have any questions or comments let me know!