Should you display your prices on your website?

Should you display your prices on your website? by EG Media Co | web design tips, small business tips, online business owner, creative entrepreneur, girl boss

This question tends to get asked a lot and I’m here to answer it once and for all! When you go shopping do you tend to go to new shops or the regular places you shop at? Most people will say the latter. You obviously go to the shops you’re familiar with because you’ve been there before and you’re comfortable with their prices, correct?

What if you were to walk into a new shop and saw something so cute that you wanted but you didn’t see the price tag on? So, you keep on looking around the shop and realize that none of the items have a price tag on. If you’re like me, this might be my cue to leave. If you think about it, shops that don’t display their prices attract people who don’t mind what the price tag says. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely a bargain shopper and I don’t mind a good deal. 🙋🏻‍♀️ But what I tend to look for the most is something that is in my price range.

Each person has a price range that they are comfortable spending depending on the item or service. So, when I walk into a shop that doesn’t display any price tags I automatically think that it’s out of my price range.

As you can see, if someone were to go to your website to potentially see what you offer and didn’t see any prices displayed they’re probably thinking one of two things: The person might inquire about your prices only to find out that they ARE out of their price range. Or they might not even inquire about your services because of the fact that they’re thinking “this is out of my price range” when in reality it might not be. You could potentially be losing clients if you don’t display your prices on your website! There’s so many options out there that people will not have a problem finding someone else whose prices are displayed and fits their budget.

One of the great things about displaying your prices on your website is that it immediately filters out those who aren't ready to work with you. That way you aren't wasting your time answering emails only to find out that your services or products are out of their budget. Your time is extremely valuable don’t waste your time having to filter through unfit clients. I think it's extremely important to display exactly who you want to work with, why, and what your prices are on your website. That way people can see you're serious about your business and they will only inquire if they feel you're the right fit.

Be confident when displaying your prices. You know the value of your work so be sure to stand by it proudly. People will know what’s out of their range and you know who your ideal client is so by displaying your prices you’re attracting the right crowd that will be ready to work with you.

If you’re not so comfortable with displaying your prices on your website it might be beneficial to at least add a base starting price where they can get an idea of your costs and give them the option for add-ons that will allow them to create a customized package depending on their needs.

I firmly believe that having some form of pricing on your website is an absolute must.

Pros of displaying prices:

1. It will make the process easier with people who do contact you about your services and who are ready to work with you

2. Weeds out the people that can’t afford your prices leaving those who can afford your services

3. You will receive more meaningful inquiries (and less time answering emails) from clients that are ready to work with you

Cons of not displaying prices:

1. You could potentially be losing clients who might think that your prices are too high for them

2. You’ll be wasting time answering inquiries from unfit clients

3. People will have no issue finding someone who does have their prices displayed

Don’t feel vulnerable by showing your prices. The only people you’ll be scaring away are those who aren’t ready to work with you. Plus, it’s 2018, people expect to see some form of price range for your services on your website. I hope this helps encourage you to proudly display your prices on your website.