Redesigning your blog on Squarespace using the Summary Block

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I was loving everything about my website but when it came to my blog I would cringe because it was the one thing that I absolutely hated! I hated how Squarespace limited my abilities to customize my blog because of the template I was using (Five template). If you have a blog where you consistently post, then you definitely know the importance of having a blog that makes it easy for your readers to find the information they’re looking for. The Five template didn’t allow me to show my thumbnail (that I worked so hard on) in full view. There are some templates on Squarespace that do allow you to customize your blog more than others, such as the Brine Family. But if you’re like me and you’re stuck with some customization limits, then stick around, I’m here to show you a workaround that allows you to redesign your blog.

This involves no coding whatsoever and is fairly easy to use. I’m talking about the Summary Block. The Summary Block allows you to display your content (blog, gallery, project images, events) in customized layouts. I’ll be showing you how to customize your blog in a certain layout.

You have four different design options Wall, Carousel, List, Grid. Each one has different layout settings and you can customize them even further once you’ve made your choice.

This is what the Summary Block looks like:


The Summary Block can be added to any page on your website. In order to customize my blog, I created a new page (regular, not blog page) on my Main Navigation and added my actual blog into the ‘Not Linked’ section.

Blog EG Media Co..png
Not linked Blog EG Media Co..png

Regular page on Main Navigation


Actual Blog under Not Linked Section

Once I created the new page I added a Summary Block and clicked on Blog as the content I wanted to use for the Summary Block.

Summary content block EG Media Co..png

Under layout, pick the design of your choice. You can play around with all of the designs and see which one you like best! You’re also able to customize the Aspect Ratio which determines the size dimension of your content, as well as the column width between each post, gutter width (white space), text size, text alignment, and metadata position. Next is Display; which allows you to choose the number of items on display, along with whether you want your title, thumbnail, excerpt, show read more link to be showing. You’re also able to further customize which Metadata you want to be showing. I chose to display Date Posted, and Category.

As you can see below:

Full Summary Block.png

If you want to separate your posts depending on your categories, you can also do that! Simply add a new Summary Block and under Display scroll to Category Filter (see photo above) and choose the category you want to display!

There you have it! I’m now in love with the way my blog looks thanks to the Summary Block. Before the Summary Block my blog, posts would take over the whole page not allowing me to make them smaller or customize anything. Now I’m able to show them in grid style while displaying three in each row. I hope this helps some of you customize your blog without having to change your whole template! It’s a simple and easy fix. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me a