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I'm so excited for this new web launch! This website has been a work in progress but nonetheless has been extremely full-filling to create.

Keenun came to me with what she called a "crazy idea" of wanting to turn one of her passion projects into a full-fledged website. Plant-Based Brevard is a resource for people looking for plant-based and vegan options in Brevard County, FL. What began as just an idea with most of her web layout drawn on paper, she trusted me enough to bring her vision to life.

Little did we know what a success this website would be even before the web launch, can you believe that?! Keenun has poured her whole heart and a whole lot of time to share this with her community as well as perfecting it to make it the best resource for those looking for plant-based options. 

I couldn't be more honored to be a part of this amazing project and being able to finally see it come to life is an incredible feeling. 


Having started on a blank canvas both Keenun and I worked together to bring the desired color palette and feel to the website. She was looking to have earthy green tones that portrayed a plant-based lifestyle.

Plant Based Brevard Style Board by EG Media Co.


In order to really bring Keenun's vision to life I asked her to give me her top three website inspiration. Once we got that into place everything took off and I was able to get the design layout she had envisioned.

This website was far from "easy" to bring to life. This website has been a work in progress since April and I think that was due to the fact that we both failed to realize what a massive project this was going to be and how much help was needed to turn this website into reality. Plant Based Brevard is 100% non-profit and is dedicated to help the Brevard County, FL community find vegan & plant-based options much more easily.

Web Design for Plant Based Brevard by EG Media Co.

Finally, I really want to thank Keenun who believed in me to bring her vision to life. Working on this website has been such an amazing experience. This will be a website launch that I will hold near and dear my heart for years to come. 


Keenun you're truly an amazing person, you took an idea and decided that you would make it a reality. You've created this resource for your community without asking anything in return. You're helping save the planet & animals and you're truly changing people's lives. Whoever gets to meet you is one lucky person, we need more people like you in this world!