How to navigate through your Squarespace Analytics

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I’m sure we all know that analytics are super important but are you taking advantage of them? Squarespace has built in analytics for its users and it honestly can’t get better than that. Although it sounds boring ehhh “analytics”, it might be the best thing ever (no joke😅). You’re able to see the amount of traffic you’re getting on your website, where it’s coming from, how much traffic is coming from that source, your most popular content and SO much more. It’s absolutely amazing and it’s extremely important that you start becoming familiar with the Analytics Tab on your Squarespace Dashboard because I guarantee you it will become your best friend👯‍♀️. It certainly has become mine I can tell you that much along with Google Analytics (but that’s a whole other monster, in a good way😉)!

It’s important to be checking where your traffic is coming from to get an idea of what you’re doing right, wrong and how you can change that “wrong.” Tracking your results and monitoring them will allow you to stay motivated as well. I think about it like this, if you go to the gym for a day even for a week you aren’t bound to see any results but if you keep going to the gym after a few months you’re bound to see great results! But wouldn’t it be nice to track those results? Like taking progress pictures every week for example to make a comparison within a month or two.  It’s the same with business you might not be seeing much of a difference tracking your analytics day to day but if you check in once a week you will be able to see the difference it makes!  

I also wanted to write this because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received emails from past clients asking me questions about their analytics. I do want to mention that I go over all of this with my Squarespace Web Design clients after the two-week web launch and record it (for their reference) and all but many times they will forget about that and still ask me specific questions about their analytics and how to navigate them.

I want to explain and break down Squarespace Analytics and show you how you can be using them to your advantage. Ready?! Let’s do this.


Analytics > Traffic Overview

Here you will be able to see how many visitors you have had. I tend to leave it in Month to Date as I like to track my traffic month to month but it’s up to you to decide whether you want to see visitors “Today, “Yesterday”, “Week To Date” you get the point. If you scroll down you are able to see the Device Type that your visitors were using, Visits by Source, Visits by Browser, and Visits by Operating System.


 Analytics > Traffic Sources

This one’s important because it details where your traffic is coming from. Being able to see the sources of your traffic is extremely useful if you’ve put out a freebie for example and want to see how it’s doing you can check that here. It’s also extremely effective for ad tracking.

For example: Right now, most of my traffic is direct meaning people are typing in my URL directly into their browser which I would like less of and more organic traffic. It also shows the traffic I receive from Social Platforms and it breaks it down for you depending on the platform as well, my top platforms are Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!


Analytics > Popular Content

I always get so excited to see my most popular content due to the fact that I write blogs every Tuesday and Thursday, so I like to see if people have read my content and how many people have clicked on it.


Analytics > Geography

This is a little fun one in my opinion, being able to see where your website visitors are from. Most of my website visitors are in the U.S as I expected. If you hover over each country it will tell you if you had any website visitors coming from there and you can take it as far as clicking on the country and see what city those visitors are coming from.

Squarespace Analytics Geography



Analytics > Form & Button Conversion

This is to track the form and button conversions if you are using the newsletter block on Squarespace. I don’t personally use it because in order to comply with the new GDPR rules I have decided to create a landing page using my email marketing provider. If you do decide to use the newsletter block on Squarespace, this is the place to come check how many subscribers you’ve been receiving.


Analytics > Google Search Keywords

If you have a Squarespace website it would be extremely beneficial to create a Google Analytics account, it helps with SEO and helps you see what is being tracked more in depth. Either way, I believe that by creating a Google Analytics account is the only way you will see this tab in your Analytics Tab on Squarespace. Essentially what this tab shows you is popular search keywords that you may fall under whether it is because of your blog or keywords you’ve used throughout your website and how these users have been able to find you according to those search keywords.


 Analytics > Other Search Engine Keywords

This is the same as Google Search Keywords except it’s talking about the other search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, etc. I didn’t have any in this section because most people use Google as their search engine. 


Analytics > Site Search Queries

This is only available if you add the Search Block to your page, I personally have added it to the bottom of my Home page because I’m curious to see what my users are looking for throughout my website and to see if I could make any adjustments to try and make their searching a little easier.


Analytics > RSS Subscribers

This shows how many people have accessed your blog in any given day. From Squarespace: “In AnalyticsRSS Subscribers estimates the total amount of traffic that your RSSfeed(s) receives in a selected time frame.”


Analytics > Activity Log

I no longer have the Activity Log available in order to comply with the new GDPR rules. Essentially what this did was show you who was accessing your computer by displaying the persons I.P. Address, Date, Time, Referrer, Browser Version, and Operating System. As you can see you get pretty detailed information about your users which is why it’s important to comply with the new GDPR rules if you feel like you are reaching any European Union citizens because if you aren’t complying you can get into serious trouble!

There you have it! The breakdown for everything about Squarespace Analytics. I do believe that tracking your progress month to month can be extremely beneficial for you and your business if you have plans to grow. You can always look at your progress and see what worked and what didn’t and make the appropriate changes in order to see the results you are looking for. I believe that the most important tabs to look at in your Squarespace Analytics are your Traffic Overview, Traffic Sources, Popular Content, and Google Search Keywords. Every business is different and depending on what you are looking for some tabs might be more useful to you than others. I hope this truly helped! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment below!