How to integrate your social networks to reap the most benefits for your business

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While in university I studied Marketing emphasizing in Integrated Marketing Communications. For those of you not familiar with Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC for short, it is simply ensuring that all forms of communications used for promotional tools are linked together so that they work together in harmony. Why is it important to integrate all of your marketing efforts you ask? Well, in today’s world you can’t just be in one platform you have several different platforms where you could potentially be reaching your audience. Don’t miss out by only focusing on one. Are you putting all of your marketing efforts to good use and are you doing it wisely? I want to share some of my secrets on how I’ve managed to integrate all of my social networks seamlessly.


There’s no need to say how powerful instagram is for your business if you do it correctly. Instagram has become one of the top social platforms that allows you to engage and connect with your audience on a deeper level (in my opinion). So how can you use Instagram to seamlessly integrate it with your other social networks? With the share button! I first plan out or should I say try (I swear I’m getting better at planning) to plan out my content in advance to share with my audience the ins and outs of running my online business, a little bit of my personal life, tips and tricks, new website launches and much more. Once I’ve share my post I make sure I share it to my other social networks especially Facebook. Since I already have a business account set up on my Instagram and a Facebook Page for my business it makes it extremely easy to push out my content from Instagram to Facebook.

Not only do I regularly share my Instagram posts to my Facebook page but I also copy the link from the individual post and share it on Pinterest! I don’t do this all the time but I do believe it 1. Brings more traffic to my Instagram and 2. Helps people discover who I am and what I do. I call that a win-win! How can you share individual Instagram posts to your Pinterest? Well, that’s very easy! Simply click on the 3 horizontal dots on the top right corner, click “Share” and at the very bottom you will see “Copy Link” which will allow you to paste that link to Pinterest. P.S. If you have a smartphone (which you probably all do if you have a business right? I hope!) it will automatically allow you to create a new pin by asking you “Save the link you copied?” which is a huge timesaver!

Instagram shareable Post Photo
Copy Link from Instagram Photo
Pinterest Shareable Link


Writing on my blog has seriously become a ritual and one that I’m very glad I’ve stayed consistent with. Writing blogs has really paid off and I’m still hoping for more positives to come out of it! By integrating the social networks I use I am able to wisely share my blog throughout different audiences on different networks. I first want to share how this all works. I have my web hosting on Squarespace which I absolutely love because it’s so easy to integrate your social networks and Squarespace makes it a click of a button to be able to share your content on the platforms you wish. I always try to schedule out my blog posts if not a week before then it’s most likely the day before this means I was on a time crunch and had a lot going on the the week before. Once I’m done writing my blog post I schedule it and click on the switch for Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn. Yup! Even LinkedIn, I’ve had several readers come from that platform.

Photo of Squarespace Blog Post Share button

Once I share it through Squarespace I’m good for LinkedIn and Facebook but Pinterest is a whole other monster to deal with. If you switch on the share link through Squarespace you’re only allowed to share your post to one of your boards so with that being said you either have to manually pin your post to your other boards or you can use Tailwind which is a Pinterest scheduler and must I say huge time saver!! I sometimes just use my “Pin It” buttons that appear on my blog post images and pin those to the relevant Pinterest boards. It’s absolutely imperative that I don’t forget this step otherwise my post will only be showing up on one board whereas it could be applying to other boards as well.

Pinning my blogs to Pinterest has increased my website traffic tremendously. This is the domino effect I’m talking about when you integrate your social networks the right way you will see the huge benefits it will bring for your business.

It’s extremely important that you’re using all of your social networks wisely and sharing all of your valuable content with your audience in the wide array of platforms. Don’t miss out on getting your business out there. Nowadays it’s extremely easy to push out your content on the various different platforms to make sure you’re not missing a beat. I hope this helped you get some #lifehacks under your sleeve to seamlessly integrate all of your social networks together. If you have any questions feel free to comment below!