How to find images to use for your website…without breaking the bank!

How to find images to use for your website…without breaking the bank! by EG Media Co. | stock photos, free stock photos, stock photo bundles, feminine stock photos, on brand images, web design tips, DIY web design, squarespace designer, squarespace web designer.

Getting ready to hire a web designer but you still don’t have any on brand photos? No worries there are plenty of low-budget options out there that will still allow you to have a gorgeous and intentional website. I understand…shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a brand photographer is not quite in your plans yet.

Something you must do is make sure that the photos you are using on your website are on brand and will connect with your ideal audience. You don’t want to just find a couple images and slap those on your website. If it doesn’t look right on your website, your audience will most likely not resonate with it either. Choosing the right photos is key to having a well-built website that will turn visitors into clients.

So now that you know that getting images just for the sake of your website to look more alive won’t cut it, I want to show you what your options are to find the perfect on brand photos.


1. Free Stock Photos

There’s plenty of websites out there that offer free stock photos for your use! One of my favorite websites to find free stock photos is Unsplash, it’s free to use and no email is required. Each website has their own licensing guidelines that you must follow so make sure you’re not going against them.

I recently wrote a blog post on 20 Websites for free feminine stock photos. Most of the websites listed do require you to be subscribed to their email list. But there are perks, because some even offer you one free image a month! Who wouldn’t love that?! I would stick to the list I’ve already created for you the last thing you want to do is think that you’re using a free stock image when you’re not. You don’t want to be violating any Copyright laws.

No matter where you get those free stock photos make sure that they’re high quality and not grainy looking when uploaded to your website. Also make sure that the images you choose are on brand. Use your best judgement, if it looks out of place, it most like is. Make sure that the photos you choose are giving you a cohesive look.


2. Purchase Stock Photo Bundles

This is another low budget option, it does require some cash money $$ of yours but it definitely won’t break the bank.

I love this option because these stock photos usually come in bundles meaning you won’t have to sort through hundreds of photos to make sure that the images you want to use are on brand.

Something you should keep in mind is that, like the free stock photos above these bundles may have been purchased by someone else too, meaning that they could be using them for their brand.

Some of my favorite options are:

SC Stockshop: I love the way her website is built! She makes it easy for the consumer to be able to find everything. Do you want to search by color? By collection? There’s a tab for that. 😉

Ivory Mix: I love how she has everything sorted out and easy for the consumer to look through. You could browse by color or by niche.

Her Creative Studio: She has amazing feminine stock photo bundles!


Some things to note before you upload any photos onto your website are:

1. Make sure the photos are on brand: colors, aesthetic, emotions are in sync.

2. Are the photos you’ve chosen going to resonate and connect with your ideal audience?

3. Do the images you chose look good together? You want to make sure there is cohesiveness.

There you go! Some easy alternatives to finding photos for your website that work for your brand.