How to customize your Squarespace website using the Five template

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When it came down to choosing a template for my website I decided to go with the Five template. Why, you ask? It’s simple, the Five template is one of the most customizable that Squarespace offers. If you’re looking for serious customization for your website, you might want to go with the Five template. I want to dive into the versatility of the Five template and why I decided to go with it.

Versatile Header Layout

The Five template gives you the ability to customize your header in many different ways. For example, you are able to have full-width banner images with customizable text on the page. This gives you the ability to customize the text to be able to give emphasis on that certain page. For example, below you will be able to see that for my Home page I welcome my web visitors and below that text I customized a description just further explaining what my website is about.

Welcome to EG Media Co..png

You are able to add overlay text on all of the banners throughout your website. Have fun with it!

Another key feature of the Five template on Squarespace is that you are able to customize your top navigation menu. You are able to change the alignment and determine whether you want it to display above or below the banner images. I decided to keep it at the top for easier access to my web visitors. Example below for reference.

EG media co. navigation menu.png


The Five template is known for these little special features that they offer. You have the option to only have one sidebar, two sidebars and not only that, you have the option to split the sidebars as well. Sidebars can be helpful to highlight specific pages on your website, displaying content, collecting information such as newsletter blocks and more. I personally decided to showcase my services and highlight those pages on the left side as you can see below. You want to be careful because sidebars are not customizable to each page, meaning if you add sidebars to one page those same sidebars will show up on the rest of your pages. You are able to hide those sidebars by using the option of “Full width” within the pages settings under page layout. You can add sidebars on your website easily by doing these simple steps. 

Set the sidebar display:

1. Hover over the page title and click the .

2. In Page Settings, scroll down to Page Layout.

3. Click the drop-down to select One Sidebar, Split Sidebars, Full Width (no sidebar), or Two Sidebars.

Style Editor


Besides being able to choose how you want your main navigation to be displayed and whether you want sidebars or not, the Five template has a plethora of additional style options. For example, on the main navigation menu you are able to customize the color of the links. You have the option to change the navigation link color, navigation link hover color, navigation active link color (this changes the color of the page link you’re actively on). You are also able to customize the color of the headings for your main content. You want to be careful with this and not go overboard, be selective with the colors you choose and stick with your color palette. In the style editor you are easily able to customize the sidebar width for each sidebar, you also have the option to include your site description on the sidebar. With the style editor you are also easily able to change the colors of different buttons and blocks throughout your website to be able to showcase a coherent website.  

As you can see the Five template offers many different customization options for those of you looking to have a certain style for your website. I chose the Five template because it gives me the option to change certain aspects as my business grows. With certain tweaks to my website I am able to transform it to what I’m looking for. Although there’s tons of template options to choose from on Squarespace I hope I was able to help in some way if you’re considering the Five template for your website.