How to build a trustworthy website

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As a business owner, building trust with your audience should be a top priority. I mean ultimately you want them to trust you enough to either buy a product or service, right? So building trust right off the bat is a huge must. There are some key things you can add to your website in order to build trust with your clients.

1. Have reviews on your website

I want you to think of a product or service you’ve ever bought, it can be in person or online. What is the first thing that you look for before purchasing something? I tend to look for reviews 100% of the way. How is the product or service working for other people? I’ll tell you, I’m a makeup junkie and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit how much time I spend reading reviews on the Sephora site. 😂 I need to know that the product is doing what it says it’s supposed to be doing. So for that reason, reviews are an extremely important indicator of whether I will be purchasing that product or not.  

It doesn’t matter what you’re offering whether it’s a product or service. It’s extremely important you provide proof of satisfaction or purchase from past clients. I know it’s extremely hard nowadays to trust everything you see online especially the legitimacy of testimonials. So get creative with how you showcase testimonials from satisfied customers. For example, you can link the finished website you’ve completed and allow your visitors to see the work in full bloom. You can also simply add the finished products to your portfolio and create a fun page dedicated to each client showcasing what you did.

Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials! They’re one of the most important indicators of building trust with your website visitors.

2. Create a blog with useful information

Something else you can do in order to build trust with your clients through your website is providing valuable content. Creating engaging content through your blog builds trust with your visitors, they get a feeling that you are there to help them more than anything and it is a strong indicator that you’re committed with your work.

I constantly blog about branding and web design tips and tricks, Squarespace info (because I specialize in designing through this platform) and freebies! Stay consistent with putting out valuable content and you will see that it will pay off in the future. Not going to lie, blogging is hard so create a schedule that works for you and will keep you accountable with putting up fresh new content.

3. Ensure web visitor security

With so many online scams going on it’s easy to be skeptical about the websites you find online. In order to ensure trust with your visitors you should have your website secured with SSL certificates for encryption. It’s a no brainer, online businesses need to have this on their website especially if they’re selling online products or services. I know I hesitate to buy items online if I see that the website I’m purchasing something from doesn’t show an SSL certificate. With Squarespace you’re easily able to switch on the SSL certificate on your website! If you’re not with Squarespace be sure to check with your provider and make sure you take the right steps to get your website secured.

4. Have a Privacy Policy

This is an absolute must. If you have a website and you’re collecting any type of information from your visitors, you need to have a Privacy Policy somewhere on your website. With the ever-expanding online world, governments around the globe are working hard to protect the information of website visitors.

To be completely honest looking for your Privacy Policy will not be the first thing that most of your website visitors will look for. But there are some that will. Not only will those looking for your Privacy Policy feel safe once they see it having one will also protect you from getting into any type of legal trouble. Having a Privacy Policy is required and if you don’t have one you need to get one.

5. Give your clients an easy way to contact you

If you’re a new online business owner, you should give your website visitors an easy way for them to be able to contact you. Whether that be by having your email at the bottom of your home page or creating a contact button. You want your website visitors to feel comfortable enough to contact you if they wish. Making yourself available shows that you’re attentive to their needs and ultimately shows your potential clients how quick you’re able to respond.

Building online trust is a real challenge nowadays and taking the appropriate steps in order to gain the trust of your website visitors should be every online business owner’s priority. I hope these steps help you gain a more trustworthy website for your visitors.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to build online trust?