How I use Asana to onboard new web design clients

How I use Asana to onboard new web design clients by EG Media Co. | Asana, CRM Platfrom, web design tips, small business tips, productivity tips, squarespace designer

There’s nothing more important to me than having a schedule that both my clients and I can follow. It keeps both of us organized and on the same page, that way there’s no miscommunication. If you’re an aspiring web designer having a CRM system in place can save you a lot of headaches, that way you and your clients will both have the same expectations on deadlines. If you’re a client who is looking for a web designer, you should find someone who is transparent with their process and who takes the time to organize your project to make sure there’s no miscommunications.

Before starting the design process with any client, I use Asana to stay organized by creating phases that are essential in order to complete the project on time. I onboard all of my clients using Asana and will assign them tasks and deadlines according to each phase. Asana has truly helped me stay on top of client deadlines and it keeps clients accountable too that way no project gets dragged on because everyone knows what to expect.

Onboarding clients through Asana has helped me stay on top of deadlines and keeps my clients aware of the progress of their project. I want to take you behind the scenes of how I onboard clients onto Asana. I’ll be showing you how I batch tasks depending on the phase of the project.

I hope you enjoy this video and hopefully I convince you to start using Asana or some type of CRM software to stay organized!