How changing your page URL links can affect your SEO & web traffic

How changing your page URL links can affect your SEO & web traffic blog by EG Media Co | URL links, SEO, search engine optimization, broken links, SEO warning, web traffic, web traffic decrease, google search console, google analytics

Let me just begin by telling you that I learned the hard way and I want to write this informational blog post, so you won’t have to 🤦🏻‍♀️. It all started with an innocent URL change on the busiest pages of my website, my Blog. It was something that I didn’t think twice to do so I did it and it was the biggest mistake ever!

I started noticing that my web traffic was decreasing, and I didn’t know why. I hadn’t changed my blogging schedule, and everything seemed to be the same until I noticed something was off. I pin all of my blogs on Pinterest and I noticed that when I clicked on some of those blogs, I was being redirected to my 404 Error page. It wasn’t until I looked into the URL that I noticed the mistake I had done. Those blogs I had pinned previously were not sending me (or anyone that clicked on them) anywhere because the URL that I was using before was no longer existent.

What are some of the things I noticed after changing my blog page URL link?



As previously mentioned, I noticed that changing the URL link to my blog took a huge toll on my web traffic. Not only does it affect your web traffic it also affects your SEO. This of your URL links as little houses each with a front door. If you change the URL link you’re getting visitors going to the wrong door. All the previous links you put of there with the old URL are still roaming around in Google and when Google indexes the changes they will notice that those URLs are no longer working.



Changing my blog post URL caused a huge domino effect on my Pinterest account. All the blog posts I previously pinned on my account have a broken URLs now. There’s no other way of removing those blog pins other than deleting them. I’m choosing to delete those blog pins because I don’t want someone to find that pin, click on it only to find that they’re being taken to an error page.


In the end, changing a URL can cause havoc on your website especially if that URL had a lot of links within it like your Blog. If you’re considering changing any URL think weigh the consequences first. I hope this blog post helps you avoid major headaches.