Finding your brand identity with FREE guided questionnaire!

Finding your brand identity with FREE guided questionnaire! by EG Media Co | Freebie, guided questionnaire, branding, branding tips, brand identity guide, client avatar, ideal client, discover your brand

Have you been trying to find your brand identity but you’re stuck with what elements you should be considering in the process? If you’re trying to develop your brand from scratch you know it’s not easy!

Why is having a well defined brand identity important?

In order to market anything whether you’re selling products, services, an idea or yourself, you must first define your brand. Your brand is the heart, soul and identity of your business and it’s also the first impression that customers get of your company. It has the power to connect with others because you can express your personal story through your brand. This is extremely important because you want to make sure everything is aligned with your audience. Having a well defined brand identity will set you apart from other competitors who didn’t take the time to correctly define their brand identity.

Have you gotten down to the nitty gritty of who your audience is? This is a huge mistake many businesses make when first starting out. You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something to someone. So as you now know, you can’t service everyone so find who you wish to serve, define the ideal demographics, and psychographics (yes down to their habits, health lifestyles etc.) Once you have a good grip on who your ideal client is you must use the correct tone to get to them. Your tone speaks about your message and builds trust with your clients, when customers identify the tone they’re also identifying a personality.

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