Do this and watch your website load faster

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Is your website optimized to its full capacity in order for it to load fast for your visitors? Your website visitors won’t be waiting for your site to load, in fact most visitors expect your site to load in two seconds or less. Slow speeds kill conversions. Making sure that your website is up to its top speed can also help your SEO. The internet robots love a fast loading website, see let me explain. When someone searches for something on Google, Google does what it does best and crawls all the websites on the internet to search for the most relevant content for you. If your site is slow you’re most likely to stay behind and not be shown at the top. I want to share two tips with you all that will help your website load faster which will make your website visitors and the internet robots happy, it’s a win-win!



Images are a huge factor on whether your site loads fast. Most people don’t really check the size of their images before they upload them to their site. I mean, most people don’t really know that images play a huge role on your site’s speed. If you think about it, images are what makes up most of your website.

What’s the solution?

Deleting all of your images would do the trick but that’s not an option 😂. What you can do and what I recommend people do is resize their images to about 500KB. Reducing the size of your images to be about 500KB keeps you on the safe side and allows your website to load faster.

How to reduce the size of your images for Mac users:

Simply click on the image you’re trying to resize.

It will open up in Preview

how to reduce image sizes

Next Click Adjust Size…

how to reduce images sizes for Mac users

Play around with the Width and Height of the image until it goes down to around 500KB.

If you are not a Mac user, there’s a lot of options online. One that I really like is befunky.

 Something else that I recommend people do to help increase the speed of their site is…


 Saving images as JPEG can significantly decrease load times for your site. Be sure to use this option when you are able to and don’t worry uploading your images as JPEGs won’t impact their appearance at all.

I know this sounds like a nightmare to some of you who have already uploaded all of your images to your site, but I can guarantee that it will be worth your time in the long run. This will help your site load faster and keep your visitors on your site for longer than two seconds.

There you have it, some tricks of the trade. Be sure to leave a comment below!