Creative ways to customize your Squarespace Footer

Creative ways to customize your Squarespace Footer by EG Media Co | Squarespace tips, squarespace, squarespace footer, web designer, website designer

Your footer is probably one of the most underutilized sections on your website. You can do so much with it! I know it’s easy to get caught up with making everything else look good on your website, but your footer deserves attention too. It’s easy to forget about the footer because it’s all the way at the bottom of your page but if you use it correctly it can complement your site beautifully.

First off ask yourself what you want your website to accomplish. Do you want to grow your email list, your social media following, your blog? Your footer can be used for all of the above! My footer is used to house a freebie I offer to my subscribers, not far from that is my newsletter block if they wish to subscribe to future emails. At the end of my footer I added my Instagram, so people can easily connect with me. I also found connecting my Instagram added a great touch to my website since it is visually appealing.

The great thing about editing your footer is that Squarespace makes it extremely easy for you to make any changes! You are easily able to add blocks to your footer as you’d like just like anything else on the website you click on ‘add block’ and choose what you want added.

Let’s do this! I want to share with you some creative ways that you can use your footer for.


There are many types of opt-ins that you can create for your potential subscribers. But since we’re talking about footers here, I found having a freebie type of opt-in to be the most beneficial. I have this on my homepage because the chances that my website visitors have read many of my blog posts is very small, so I want to make sure that I am providing something of value for them to want to sign up. Freebies are great incentives for your website visitors, take advantage of them. Adding a freebie to your footer can also be extremely beneficial because you know that if someone was willing to scroll alllll the way down to your website they are most likely interested in what you have to offer. Make sure that if you’re adding a freebie opt-in to your footer it’s something of value for your potential subscribers that will leave them with a wow-factor.

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Social Media

The main reason why I have my Instagram connected to my footer is because it complements my website very well. Adding some imagery to my website makes it more visually appealing, of course if someone wanted to connect with me on Instagram I have added a link that takes them to my main page.

There are several different ways you can add your social media to your footer. You can easily add a social media block by clicking edit on the footer. Scroll down to where it says social blocks and click on the one you prefer. The most popular are Social Links, Instagram and Twitter.

I chose to connect Instagram and have my content pushed out to my website every day. If you chose Instagram you are easily able to edit the design I personally chose carousel, grid style is also a very popular way to show your Instagram content. I also have a block for social links which displays links to my other social accounts. You’re easily able to customize all of this under Design and Style Editor.


Blog Posts

Having a blog to me is extremely important, it’s actually one of the main sources for my website visitors. So of course, if your blog drives traffic you want to make sure your visitors have easy access to your blog. Having it on your footer covers your back in a sense, in case one of your visitors quickly scrolls past your page you have links to your blog that they are easily able to access. I would suggest having some of your most popular posts if you’re going to have your blog on your footer. You can easily add your blog anywhere on your website by using the summary block.

The summary block is extremely versatile when it comes to design. I would highly suggest only showing the title and excerpt. Adding too much to your footer can do the opposite of what your intent is, don’t risk scaring possible subscribers or clients away!

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Secondary Navigation

This won’t apply to everyone because I know having a secondary navigation is only available on certain templates. I believe the Brine Family offers a secondary navigation. A secondary navigation can certainly come in handy if you have other links on your website that you deem important but not as important as your main navigation. For example, you could have a FAQ on your secondary navigation. You want to make sure you don’t clutter your main navigation with too many links so having a secondary navigation in your footer really allows you to focus on other important pages on your website that your visitors will find valuable.

Your footer can be a powerful tool, learn how to use it wisely in order to gain subscribers and or clients! I hope this post helped you with getting a little more creative with your footer. Beware though, don’t clutter your footer keep it nice and clean!! What are some creative ways you’ve used your footer for? Comment below!

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