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How to display your testimonials in carousel form on Squarespace

At this point we all know that testimonials are crucial for a business to be able to thrive. I mean what would life be without Yelp, Amazon or if Sephora didn’t have thousands of women reviewing products? I’m guilty. I’ve sat there for over 30 minutes reading reviews on why I should buy a pretty laptop case on and how beautiful it looks on the laptop, or how it broke within a week. Eeeeeek, now I’m having a mid-life crisis and don’t know whether I should *buy it or not*. The point?

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10 clever ways to use the Announcement Bar on Squarespace

The announcement bar is one of those extra perks you get for being a Squarespace user. It’s something many people forget to use because the feature is not obvious to the user. It’s actually under the Marketing tab > Announcement Bar. Regardless, the Announcement Bar can be used for many different things to attract your visitor’s attention. It’s placement at the top of your website has been proven to work time and time again for getting people to click on it. Be sure to write something enticing!

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How to make Instagram full width for Brine Template on Squarespace

As I’m currently updating my website I decided to change my template to Brine template on Squarespace. I’m doing a whole brand refresh and I made several sketches of how I wanted my website to look.

I loved the idea of having my Instagram feed be full width. I tried to look for it online and I didn’t have any luck. There’s some CSS code out there that might work for certain templates but might not work for others. I was able to figure it out myself on how to add it to the Brine Template. I also want to note that I tried it in other templates in the Brine Family and it seems to be working fine.

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5 cool things you can do on Squarespace

If ya haven’t noticed yet, I design Squarespace websites! Yup, I spend most of my time on the backend of people’s websites and I love it. 🤓 Which is why I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of Squarespace and what it’s capable of and I’m here to share some cool things you can do on Squarespace. Roll out the red carpet...are you ready?!

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How to add a footer navigation on your Squarespace website without changing your template

You know sometimes you need to add some more information to your website that you wouldn’t want to add to your main navigation. Are you one of the unlucky one’s to have this problem? Have you realized that the template you’re using doesn’t support a footer navigation only after you’ve already designed your whole website? If you’re in the same boat as me (Five Template user over here) then I have a solution for you! 

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Subscription-based model is now available on Squarespace

Say, are you in the beauty or health industry and you want to offer products that are sold on a recurring basis? This is now possible on Squarespace!

This is a huge improvement from Squarespace as I’ve had clients in the past who have wanted to create subscriptions and now, they can!

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Reach more people by enabling shopping on Instagram through Squarespace 

Instagram is one of the most highly used social media platforms out there coming in second to Facebook. There’re still some distinct features that set the two apart when it comes to using it to your benefit, especially if you have a product-based business. If you have a product-based business there’s far more advantages, at least in my opinion, to be on Instagram than there is to be on Facebook.

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Five Template: How to add a background color to your text on a single header

There comes a time when you’re in need of further customizing your template far from the design options Squarespace offers you. Well thank god for CSS because there’s code for that 😉. Whatever it is you’re struggling with or scratching your head about, wondering if that’s even possible, the answer to most questions will be yes, it is!

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How to add “related posts” at the bottom of your blog on Squarespace

I’m an avid blogger (blogging twice a week to be exact) and when people land on my website through my blog I want to make sure that they are staying there for as long as possible. One of those ways to make sure that your audience is reading your blog posts is to entice them with “related posts” at the end of the blog.

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3 useful ways to use the spacer block for your Squarespace website

There’s a ton of blocks that are available to use for your Squarespace website but one of them seems to be underutilized. Many times, I’ll get clients asking me questions of how to get a block to be a certain way and it’s a quick and simple fix. I want to show you three different ways that you can utilize the spacer block for your Squarespace website.

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How much money you’ll need to build your website on Squarespace and what’s included in their Business Plan

I get this question asked all the time when I’m working with clients and with every right! If I was also working with a web designer I would ask how much of an investment Squarespace is. I will say that I’m a little biased because I do build websites using Squarespace, but I absolutely love it for several reasons. It’s extremely user friendly, they have an amazing customer support and they have premade templates that are easily customizable.  

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Why you should choose a Squarespace template that has Index Pages

When it comes to designing your website, I know it can get overwhelming trying to decide on which template to use. I would highly recommend you choose a template that allows you to have Index Pages. Index Pages are extremely versatile when it comes to designing your website.  

Not many people take advantage of this beautiful option that Squarespace has for its users that’s due to the lack of knowledge of how to use them! Not to worry, though I am going to explain what Index Pages are and how to use them!  


Index pages allow you to have multiple pages in one page. There are different styles of index pages depending on the template that you’re using.

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Lessons I’ve learned after being a full time Squarespace Web Designer for 6 months

It’s been a heck of a ride these past 6 months. Where do I even begin?! From being scared out my mind not knowing where this journey would take me, to now where I can confidently say that I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten and happy to be where I am now. Becoming a full-time Squarespace Web Designer has brought me so much happiness, I feel so much more fulfilled knowing that I can work with amazing clients and bring their vision to life. With that said, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies (unfortunately) because as a service-based business you deal with people all the time so with that can come a lot of unfortunate situations. It doesn’t matter though, because everything becomes a lesson to be learned.

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How to navigate through your Squarespace Analytics

I’m sure we all know that analytics are super important but are you taking advantage of them? Squarespace has built in analytics for its users and it honestly can’t get better than that. Although it sounds boring ehhh “analytics”, it might be the best thing ever (no joke). You’re able to see the amount of traffic you’re getting on your website, where it’s coming from, how much traffic is coming from that source, your most popular content and SO much more. It’s absolutely amazing and it’s extremely important that you start becoming familiar with the Analytics Tab on your Squarespace Dashboard because I guarantee you it will become your best friend. It certainly has become mine I can tell you that much along with Google Analytics (but that’s a whole other monster, in a good way)!

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3 cool ways to use Cover Pages on Squarespace

Don’t be fooled by its name, there are multiple ways that you can use cover pages for. That’s something that I love about Squarespace that you can really make anything happen for your website you just have to think creatively. I am going to be showing you 3 pretty awesome (at least in my opinion) ways to use Squarespace Cover Pages.

First off how do you even create a “Cover Page”? It’s easy, go ahead and click on Pages > plus sign in the top right corner > Find Cover Page

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