5 reasons why it's time for a new website

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Is your website screaming for a do-over? You might be too busy to take care of it yourself, but it doesn’t mean you should just neglect the fact that your website is a total flop compared to your business. It’s important to have a cohesive overall brand and having a well-designed website is part of showing your clients what you have to offer. I want to share with you five reasons why it’s time for a new redesigned website.

1. You tell your clients you don’t have a website

Are you finding yourself straying your clients away from your website? Because you’re too embarrassed of what they will think of your business? You’re in need of a new website if you’re finding yourself doing this. Your website should be a place where your clients can look more into what it is that you do and what you have to offer. For most clients it’s the first impression of your business so you want to make sure you’re making it a good one. You should be proud of the website that you have and should be directing most of your clients that way to begin with.

2. You don’t have enough time to explain what you do

So, you’re telling your would-be clients that you don’t have a website and that’s causing you to lose clients because what you sell or what you offer is more of a visual representation. Or there might be some services you offer that are better explained if they’re laid out online. The reality of it is that you’re going to lose clients if you don’t have a website that represents what you offer or sell. You need to have it in case someone is wanting to see what you have to offer and everything it includes. If you’re already busy as it is running your business, then why haven’t you invested in a website that will save you time by directing your clients over to see what you have to offer or sell.

3. You sell products that are visually attractive

If you’re selling art, merchandise or anything that requires your clients to see it first before they purchase you NEED to have a website. If you want to gain more customers, you need to allow them to see what it is that you’re selling. Most people will look online before they go buy anything at all. I can tell you that if I’m buying anything I make sure I look to see for what I’m getting and will also be digging to find any reviews I can read.

4. Your clients can’t find what they need on your website

Do you find yourself having to explain to your clients where they need to click to go to the next page on your site? This can stray potential clients away from buying from you simply because you’re making their lives harder by trying to navigate your website. You want to create a simple and user-friendly experience for your clients. You don’t want them stressing out about how they go from page to page. User experience is huge when it comes to your website. If you’re finding yourself helping your clients navigate through your website, it’s TIME for a new one.

5. Because, it’s 2018.

It’s the information age and it’s not going anywhere, trust me. You need to be up to date with the times and if that means that your website is not representing what you do then you need to fix it, ASAP. Everything we do revolves with the online world and many of your clients will be searching your business online before they pick up the phone or drive to your store. Don’t wait to lose potential clients, invest in that well-designed website you’ve been dreaming about.


There you have it ladies and gents. Websites are so important in today’s world and if you have a business you need to have something that reflects what you offer.

If you’re finding yourself reading this post and need help with redesigning your website don’t hesitate to contact me at hello@egmediaco.com or check out my website at www.egmediaco.com.