4 ways to start getting website traffic

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You’ve invested in a web designer but now what?! Of course, you want your dreamy clients to be showing up to your website and noticing you right away! There are other things that you can actively do in order for you to start gaining website traffic. I’ll detail 4 easy ways you can start getting web traffic.

First off you must realize that you have to start creating content that your ideal clients will enjoy and find helpful. Many of those ways are by offering freebies, blogging, doing lives on Instagram or Facebook etc. You must first start building relationships with your potential clients if you expect them to pay for your products and or services.

Once you have a good amount of content you can leverage the 4 ways below and start gaining website traffic!


1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge website traffic magnet! If you’re constantly blogging, you want to be on Pinterest. I’ve said this many times before on some of my other blogs but Pinterest works as a Search Engine so you must treat it like such! Invest in Tailwind it will save you so much time repining posts and you can schedule them out in advance as well.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest and would like to learn more I wrote A Beginners Guide to using Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with Tailwind I wrote a blog post about it read it here.

2. Facebook/Instagram

Something else you could be doing is linking your website through your social media accounts. All social media accounts allow you to link your website so take advantage of it!

If you’re on Instagram for example be sure to link your website and not Linktree.

Tip: If you’re a Squarespace user be sure to read my blog post on how you can create an ‘Instagram Bio Link’ through Squarespace (without having to use that pesky Linktree).

Another great social media platform you can use to link your website and gain website traffic is through Facebook! Create a Business page and start creating relevant content for people to engage in and drive more traffic to your website.

3. Email Marketing

Do you have an email list? This is huuuge! Be sure to be sending people over to your website when you’ve created new content or of any offers you might have.

Plus, since they are your email subscribers, they are most likely to immediately click on your offer and go straight to your website.

4. Google

Google is the biggest search engine out there and if you’re creating content that people are finding valuable you will start ranking! It’s not easy task to rank on the first page on Google but if you create something extremely valuable where a lot of people are interested in then you will drive traffic to your website.

All in all, if there’s one thing that will bring website traffic it’s content creation. Content that your ideal audience is going to love and find valuable. Once you start creating valuable content you can leverage that to other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

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