3 reasons why you should use a business account on Instagram

3 reasons why you should use a business account on Instagram by EG Media Co. | instagram, social media tips, small business tips, social media, the gram gang, IG, the gram

Ok so you've just started your business and created an Instagram. You're using hashtags and engaging with users as well but you don't know if it's the right target audience. For starters having an iInstagram is becoming a non-negotiable for entrepreneurs and new businesses. I want to explain three reasons why you should. No, need to use a business account on Instagram.

1. Insights

Having an instagram for business allows you to see your reach and impressions for the week. Reach is the number of accounts you reached during the week and impressions are the number of times the media you created were seen during that week. Not only does it allow you to see a weekly overview of how your media is doing but if you scroll down a little more to "Media and Promotions" you are able to see exactly how many impressions each post racked up. Kinda neat right? Having the ability to see your posts is important and all but there is a key metric Instagram has that is so powerful for you to use. I'm talking about FOLLOWERS! Instagram not only shows you what age group your followers fall within but it breaks it down to what percentage is female and what percentage is male. Click on the "See More" tab and you might get a mini heart attack. Instagram allows you to see all of this with no additional cost? Yep! You can see what locations your followers are from and most importantly the average times your followers are on Instagram on a typical day and the days of the week your followers are most active. WOAH. So how can you use this to your advantage? This brings me to my next point.

2. Scheduling

So now you've figured out that with Instagram for business you're able to see who your audience is, their gender, where they are located and what times they usually log in. Knowing the average times your followers are on instagram is a huge benefit because it allows you to streamline your process of when the best time to post is. You've seen that most of your followers are logged in around 11am and 12pm, so guess what? You need to start posting around those times, no brainer! No, I'm not saying you should push your content out through an automated scheduling system. Should you use those platforms to create a schedule? Yes. I truly believe that engaging with users is extremely important. Who knows, they might turn into clients! So build some trust and engage with your followers!

3. Builds Credibility

You're running a business so make sure you look professional in every sense of the way! Having an Instagram business account allows you to establish yourself as a professional in your industry. Showing your followers that you are serious about your business and what you stand for builds trust with your users who could turn into potential clients! Another reason why you should Switch.Right.Now is because it's completely free! It's not going to cost you a single penny, so what are you waiting for?!


So if you're trying to establish your brand and grow your reach you need to use these free tools that will allow you to see insights about your audience. Not only is it a powerful tool to reach your ideal target audience, switching your account to business can provide you amazing insight into what type of users you're reaching. It literally takes 30 seconds. No joke. So what are you waiting for?