3 reasons why you should be blogging for your business

3 reasons why you should be blogging for your business by EG Media Co – blogging, blogging tips, blog to business, blogging for business

We all know that blogging can be a dreaded task to many business owners because it can take time to think of good blog post and it doesn't really seem like you're getting much in return. But I want to tell you why you should be blogging for your business and why you should have started *ahem* yesterday. 

1. SEO

Yes, the much-dreaded word who many of us including me are still trying to grasp our heads around; Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. The internet bots will crawl your blog and see if it has any relevant keywords that people could find useful and if you have something that people may be searching for, guess what? Your blog will be ranked pretty high on Google and not only that, but your website will also reap those benefits because the internet bots will be able to detect the useful content you're providing to your users by creating meaningful posts. Paying Google to advertise your business can be pretty expensive if you don't have the adequate funds and let’s face it most new businesses don't have giant budgets that can drop thousands of dollars on Google AdWords. So, get to blogging and create meaningful content that way you won't have to pay the giants to put you on the front page! Each blog post on your website is a new page that a search engine sees, and a new opportunity to get found online. So, don't think that by posting one blog your website is going to be ranked numero uno on Google or any other Search Engine like Pinterest. Nope, you have to be consistent with posting to be found regularly on Search Engines.

2. Becoming an Authority in your Industry

Blogging can open up so many doors to you and your business. Do you know how to solve someone’s problem? Write a post about it! Chances are people are looking for those answers. Or better yet did you solve a problem you were having? Why not write a post about it?! By blogging about useful and relevant information you can easily become an authority in your industry. Sharing your knowledge with others will place your business as an industry leader. People will head to you to get their questions answered and they will trust you because if you're giving them useful information they will know where to go!

3. Create Customer Relationships

By giving your readers free useful information you will be a resource to them and like I mentioned before they will trust you. Not only will it build trust with your readers, but you might even be able to turn those readers into clients! They trust you enough to get information from you so you’re already building a great relationship with them that by the time they decide to invest in something you’re offering it’ll be a no-brainer! If you have something that they want or better yet, need they will have no issue investing in you. It’s also extremely important to answer any questions or comments that readers might be leaving on your posts this will allow them to see that you are attentive to their needs thus building better customer relationships.

So, there you have it. Three very important reasons why you should be blogging for your business. Share your knowledge with your readers in the end you will be reaping all the benefits from the free resources you offered to them. Don’t give up, be patient, be consistent and you will see what comes next. Good luck!