3 key things you should do before searching for a web designer

3 key things you should do before searching for a web designer by EG Media Co. | squarespace designer, squarespace web designer, web designer, web design tips, searching for a web designer, squarespace design tips

I always tell people that 50% of my job as a web designer is to educate the client about what it takes to bring their vision into a fully functional website. There’s a lot that goes into designing a website and educating the client as much as possible before diving into designing their website is absolutely crucial.

You know you need a website, right? But what are some of the key elements that you should have before searching for a web designer? 


 About 90% of my client discovery calls consist of me explaining to my clients why it’s important to have their website copy ready before their web design.

Why is it so important? 

Your website copy will be a big selling point to your potential clients. You want to make sure your website copy is resonating with them not simply telling them what you do. Showing your potential clients what you can do for them will help set you apart from your competitors.

You want to make sure you’re giving each page meaning you don’t want to be using the same copy for each and every page. Think about the pages you want on your website and what you want your audience to take from them. I recently wrote a blog post about what content is needed to create a high converting website.

Many people will outsource their website copy to a copywriter if they don’t have time to write meaningful copy or if they feel unable to write it themselves. Same as before hiring a web designer you should do thorough research if you’re looking to hire a copywriter. 

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to hire a copywriter, many web designers like myself do provide a Content Questionnaire for clients that guides them through building their copy.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to have this completed before starting your web design. 


This one is extremely important as well.

Many of my clients will come to me asking for a clean and modern feel to their website. A place where they can show the world who they are and what they do.

Yes, of course! I can do that. So I ask, “Do you have any professional photos you want added to your website?” Most clients will respond with a shy “I do need to get those done.”

If you’re expecting a clean and modern website, we can’t settle with your Facebook Profile photo. Having some professional headshots of yourself that are aligned with your brand are extremely important. Key word aligned with your brand, I as a designer, am not going to upload a photo of yourself with a pink backdrop when your branding is supposed to be modern style with cool tones. That’s one of the reasons why I ask all of my clients whether they have any brand photography done that way if they don’t we can plan to design their website when they are fully prepared.

So, ladies and gents having your brand photography ready to go is extremely important before you start searching for a web designer.

If you don’t have your brand photography ready and you’ve already found a web designer that’s completely fine too (and normal). The only thing you will have to do is set a web design date with your web designer sometime in the future.


 Besides having your brand photography, you should also have any other collateral that you need for your website ready as well.

For example: portfolio/gallery images. This applies to people that are looking to sell products or services such as event planning, photography, makeup artists etc.

I understand that you may be in the beginning stages of your business, so you probably won’t have a ton of photos which is fine.        

It is important to have these collateral items because it will help create an overall cohesive look for your website. 


Making sure my clients have everything in order before beginning their web design is important because it helps set solid expectations from each party. I also make sure that everything is done before the two-week web design in order to avoid drag on projects. Of course there is a lot more that goes on in preparation for web design but these are the top three elements I believe are absolutely crucial.