3 cool ways to use Cover Pages on Squarespace

3 cool ways to use Cover Pages on Squarespace by EG Media Co. | Squarespace, online business owner, creative entrepreneur, creativepreneur, website platforms, busy entrepreneurs, squarespace web designer, DIY squarespace, squarespace designer

Don’t be fooled by its name, there are multiple ways that you can use cover pages for. That’s something that I love about Squarespace that you can really make anything happen for your website you just have to think creatively. I am going to be showing you 3 pretty awesome (at least in my opinion) ways to use Squarespace Cover Pages.

First off how do you even create a “Cover Page”? It’s easy, go ahead and click on Pages > plus sign in the top right corner > Find Cover Page


Starting with the most common way to use a Squarespace Cover Page for is to create a “Coming Soon” page. This is very useful right before launching your Squarespace website because you can utilize it to start collecting subscribers through a newsletter. This is a great way to start promoting your website even before it launches. Squarespace gives you several Cover Page options to choose from where you can easily style them to your liking.

This is one Squarespace has as an example and it is one that I have used for many of my clients right before getting ready to launch:

Squarespace Coming Soon Cover Page.png


Creating this Cover Page on Squarespace was definitely an AH-HA moment for me. I used to use Linktree on my Instagram bio link to direct my users to the most popular pages on my website. Until I realized this neat little trick, you can easily create a Cover Page and add the top links from your website. The greatest benefit of using this instead of using Linktree is that the link that users are clicking on is directly from your website which helps boost SEO. You also get a SEO boost by having that link on your Instagram bio connect to your website, it’s called a ‘backlink’ and it adds legitimization to your website.

It looks like this:

Squarespace Cover Page - Popular EG Media Co Links.png

I wrote a full blog post detailing how I managed to make this happen read it here.


Landing pages can do wonders! Used to promote a product or service, lead capture, click through, infomercials and more you want to make sure you’re using Squarespace Cover Pages as some type of Landing Page. The great thing about Cover Pages on Squarespace is that all other navigation menu items are hidden, giving your content its undivided attention from its viewers.

For example, take a look at the Landing Page I’ve created below using Squarespace Cover Pages. I use it as an avenue to grow my email list. All the attention is drawn to the guides that they would be receiving. By casting away the noise you will get more results from your Landing Pages and Squarespace Cover Pages are a great way to get creative!

Squarespace cover page for EG Media Co freebies.png

There you have it! Three cool ways to use the Squarespace Cover Page. It’s a tool not many people take advantage of, it’s truly a hidden gem! I hope this helped! If you have any questions or comments regarding this post feel free to email me at hello@egmediaco.com