How I went from 1k views to 76k monthly views on Pinterest in two months!

How I went from 1k views to 76k monthly views on Pinterest in two months! by EG Media Co | Pinterest, pinterest tips, social media tips, from blog to business, girl boss, digital nomad, my laptop lifestyle, pinterest for business, pinterest boards, pinterest board groups

Ok so Pinterest is like the new Google for business owners and learning how to use it can be extremely beneficial for your business. Pinterest is a powerful tool that can help increase your website traffic if used correctly. I made a Pinterest account about 4 months ago, but it wasn’t until two months ago that I started to take it seriously and oh boy did I start seeing results almost immediately. It was crazy.





Before I get into how I went from 1k views to 76k views in two months I want to mention that I followed the beginner steps to make my Pinterest profile stand out. If you haven’t seen my blog about the beginners guide to using Pinterest, you can check it out here. It’s important to begin with those steps because once you do those you can move on and focus on increasing engagement on your Pinterest Profile.

Let’s begin!

Using Tailwind:

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Tailwind, it’s basically a software that cuts down the time you spend repinning on Pinterest. Tailwind allows you to schedule out posts for Pinterest allowing you to post at the best times for engagement, it’s absolutely amazing! I started using Tailwind exactly two months ago with their free trial which allows you to schedule up to 100 pins once you exhaust those pins you must upgrade to their paid option. Tailwind also allows you to join tribes, in short tribes are groups that you can join and pin your posts to. Each tribe has its own rules and regulations so make sure you’re following the rules because you can get kicked out. Choose your tribes wisely because you’re only allowed to join five so make sure you’re choosing tribes that are in your niche. Tailwind is now pretty much the only option to automate your Pinterest since Board Booster got obliterated. I have to admit I have yet to upgrade to Tailwind’s paid option, but I will be upgrading soon because I truly did see an increase in views and engagement as well as a huge spike in my web traffic.

In short, Tailwind is such a great tool to use if you want to increase your monthly views and engagement.

Content Creation:

Creating relevant and useful content is something that has helped increase my monthly views on Pinterest. I have a blog where I post every Tuesday and Thursday. My blog consists of tips and tricks related to branding, Squarespace, social media, and business. Constantly creating content on my blog and pinning my blogs to Pinterest has allowed me to increase my monthly views to an outstanding number with almost 1,000 monthly engaged users.

One of the key ingredients to increasing your views on Pinterest is finding your niche and creating content around your niche. Don’t create content without a purpose, create content that your audience is going to like and stay in that circle.  

Pinning Quality Content:

Pinning quality content is crucial. You want to be careful you’re pinning content related to your niche. I’ve created boards related to what I feel like my niche will be interested in and I pin to those boards not deviating too much outside of my niche. Be strategic with what you repin remember, quality over quantity don’t feel rushed to repin 500 pins in 2 weeks just because.

That’s pretty much it! I hope these steps help you increase your monthly views on Pinterest. It’s definitely possible if you put the work in and work smarter not harder. I don’t spend 10 hours on Pinterest a day, that’s why there’s apps like Tailwind that help cut down the time you spend on the platform. Good luck!